Reduce your meeting setup time to instant.

Stream from any device, to any display.

Conference rooms and presentations are
unpredictable and unreliable simple.

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Castr + Your Phone

They're all you'll need to nail presentations.

It's Magic

Castr is a brilliantly simple all-in-one solution that lets you walk into any room and start presenting in seconds.

The Only Thing You Need

Forget the cables and adapters. Heck, forget the laptop! All you need is a Castr and your phone, and you're ready to present.

No Power? No Problem!

Just one less thing to worry about, Castr has it's own built in battery, letting you present for up to 10 straight hours!


Castr has every port you need to display - HDMI, DVI, and even VGA. To charge it, you can simply use your phone's charging cable (Lightning or MicroUSB).

Who we are

We are a lean team of two, who are passionate about making the conference room experience better and simpler. Being a part of the Citrix Startup Innovators program as an intrapranuerial startup, we have the backing of the innovative powerhouse, Citrix.

Adam Ismail


Sophia Su



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Raleigh, NC, United States

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